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Sexual Compulsive Behavior, sometimes known as hypersexuality or sexual addiction, is a condition given to a person who has excessive sexual thoughts, fantasies, or behaviors so great that it affects their lives. A person who experiences SCB may involve themselves with a number of different sexual experiences they find enjoyable, from pornography to masturbation and others.

Many people with this condition need professional treatment to overcome the problem. It is sometimes difficult for a person to even realize there is a problem, especially since many people consider sex natural and enjoyable. However, it can become a problem for a person who is affected.

Behavioral Health Services chester pa centers offer help for people with SCB. It is difficult to take the first step but important for any person who wishes to overcome the condition and the negativity that is crates in their lives.  You can regain all of the qualities of a normal life once you seek treatment.

Left untreated, the condition can interfere with jobs, relationships, finances, and even relationships with your children. It is hard to admit that there is a problem but it is important to do so. More men are affected by SCB than women, but it can affect either sex. People of all ages are also affected by the condition.

Behavioral Health Services chester pa

The treatment for this condition varies from one patient to the next. The doctor will discuss your specific behaviors and needs with you to better determine a treatment plan that works for your specific condition. A variety of treatments are available, some more effective for some patients than others. There is help and there is hope any time you suffer with a sexual behavior disorder, but it is up to you to make that first step.